Welcome to Moore Engineering Services, a full-service engineering firm working with both domestic and international clients. While we offer civil design, construction consulting and testing services, what makes us unique is our focus on walkway and safety auditing. We are possibly the only engineering firm in the United States now offering comprehensive walkway auditing services. Moore Engineering can resolve your pre-accident safety fears and concerns through state-of-the-art testing methods combined with detailed yet easily understood reporting. Adhering to current ANSI, ADA, and OSHA standards, we perform walkway audits that protect you and your business from the financial and time-consuming hardships of slip, trip and fall claims. And, with a licensed, professional engineering firm managing your audit, you'll gain peace of mind and minimize your liability issues. Please visit our services section to learn more about the full range of Moore Engineering's expertise.

If you are a commercial property owner or manager, you know how vigilant your company must be regarding accident litigation. While we strongly advise preventive due diligence through regularly scheduled walkway audits, Moore Engineering can provide expert testimony for lawyers representing clients who experience a slip and fall accident. We also work with architects and manufacturers who need flooring installation testing assistance.

If your company's goals are to minimize slip, trip and fall occurrences and reduce the consequences of post-accident lawyers' fees, insurance claims and workers' compensation, contact us today for a no-cost consultation or walkway audit demonstration. Please call 866-741-3637 or send your inquiry using the form on this page - we encourage you to test Moore, slip less.

Slip and fall injuries represent over 65% of all work days lost and are the most common work related injuries, representing a $100 billion problem each year.
Over 9 million disabling slip and fall injuries occur each year.
Moore Engineering auditing reports are not public knowledge and always remain confidential.
SCOF stands for "static coefficient of friction," and is a ratio represents the slip resistance of a floors' surface. The higher the number, the higher the slip resistance.
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